Count On Me Tailgates

Count On Me Tailgate Parties are celebrations during both the college and professional football seasons that bring young patients out of their rooms to gather togehter and watch games with friends and families at our partnering children's hospitals. For kids that can't experience football in person, the Count On Me Tailgates bring the game to them so they can have fun cheering on the Atlanta Falcons and the UCLA Bruins! It's a great experience for patients, their families, and hospital staff to enjoy a game, snacks, and arts and crafts! We look forward to cheering on our teams in the coming seasons.


Gathering rooms are transformed into cheering sections where patients can root for their favorite teams while watching them on the big screen. There is also Lego building, sign painting, and craft making as well as playing Xbox or Playstation football for even more fun. 

Tailgate Parties allow patients and their families to spend time together, have a little play time, and root for their favorite teams!

For more information on Count On Me Tailgates, contact us!