Play Action Pledge

The Bruins' 41-0 WIN adds 5 Touchdowns, 3 Sacks and 2 Field Goals for Play-Action-Pledge!

Photo by UCLA Football.

Photo by UCLA Football.

It was a another beautiful win for the Bruins and for Play-Action-Pledge this past weekend! The Bruins dominated Oregon State with five touchdowns, 3 sacks, and 2 field goals, adding over $3,000 to our total money raised thanks to our pledgers! What a great way to kick off UCLA's week long tribute to Veterans Day!

Another Bruin WIN for our Play-Action-Pledgers and Bus 2 The Bowl!

The Bruins had a 35-31 WIN over Colorado this past Saturday--that's another FIVE touchdowns and ONE sack toward Play-Action-Pledge! Not to mention, it was a super fun HALLOWEEN Bus 2 The Bowl! The kiddos had so much fun at Bus 2 The Bowl, a program that is directly supported by YOUR Play-Action-Pledges!


Support kids in need and show your love for UCLA Football by joining our Play-Action-Pledge! Whether it’s with a pledge per win, touchdown, or field goal – YOU pick your play and take action! Your donations make it possible for our programs to reach thousands of children at risk! Thank you to RBC, Keyes Cars, Mac Hofeditz, The Pasquales, Bruin Fan Alliance and all our other pledgers for your support! Contact us for more information -